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Take Time Out, to Feel Good Again

All Hotlifestyle® weighted blankets are Heather Green. So, when used as a weighted throw during the day the soothing green colour adds to the very calming effect as you wrap yourself in bliss on the sofa or in your home office. Meditation takes on a whole new perspective when you include your Hotlifestyle® weighted blanket in your routine.

Sleep Deeper
Weighted blankets give the feeling of a comforting hug and reduce tossing and turning, enabling a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.

Reduce Stress
Using the principles of “Deep Pressure Therapy” the weighted blanket can help to improve mood, sleep, and achieve a greater overall feeling of calmness and wellbeing.

Feel Better
Getting a good nights’ sleep and feeling relaxed is all part of living a Hotlifestyle.

Heather Green for Serenity
The soft Heather Green colour promotes calmness, comfort, and hope.

We Went the Extra Mile

The Hotlifestyle team listened carefully to what people were saying about weighted blankets and, it became clear that traditional weighted blanket manufacturers had made serious mistakes in the design process. Complaints of uneven weight distribution, leaking, or clumping beads, shifting beads, excessive heat and noisy products were common.

This is why we created the original Hotlifestyle® personal weighted blanket.

We are a British team who have been developing wellness products for over a decade. We have designed a weighted blanket that looks and feels fantastic, durable enough to use in clinics or treatment facilities with an emphasis on eco-friendly production.

Size Matters Too!

Weighted blankets are smaller than the ordinary duvet as they are designed to focus the weight on you without hanging over the side of the bed. It should be smaller than your mattress to help concentrate the weight on your body evenly. They’re designed to fit on top of the mattress only, with minimal to no overhang for optimal effect.

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