Entrepreneur Born or Made?

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    Studies show that there may be an "entrepreneur gene" or at least people with certain genetic characteristics and personality traits that are more likely to succeed as an entrepreneur than others. People who create, push boundaries and have a tenacious attitude are considered to be an entrepreneur. The main attribute seems to be an ability to get up again and again when knocked down. Resilience in the face of sometimes overwhelming adversity is what separates the entrepreneur from mere managers. And it should be our guiding principle. A recent report stated that Uganda has the most entrepreneurs of any country. Is it, that there are so many with the "entrepreneur gene" or more over necessity motivates more people to take this path. Entrepreneurs are those willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week!

    Ask an entrepreneur what their reasons are to go it alone and they say:

    Entrepreneur Born or Made?

    Passion for the subject  – 47.6%

    Being your own boss    – 28.2%

    Other                         – 12.5%

    Time flexibility            – 11.8%

    Ask an entrepreneur what key skills are required and they say:

    Coping with pressure, ability to adapt, self-confidence, Ambition and people skills.

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