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Blue Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) is a radical marketing approach which focuses on targeting untapped markets for steady growth and high profits rather than competing within existing saturated markets. As an entrepreneur you will be…


Can A Womanizer Change Your Life? Womanizer is designed for sensual clitoral stimulation. It is without doubt the biggest innovation for sheet-grasping orgasms since the Rampant Rabbit vibrator appeared more than a decade ago. Womanizer is not a vibrator though and don't be fooled by…

How Successful People Say “No”

successful people say NO!
Having the ability to say "No" is very important. If it wasn't, the 'yes-man' would not be the butt of every joke. But some people have a really hard time saying No. And for good reason. How many of us are constantly trying to…