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    Want More Money in Your Pocket?

    A practical easy 4-week plan for tackling personal finances. Tried and tested ways to start winning at the money game!

    Do Your Kids a Favour!
    Buy them a copy. Why?

    SAVE THEM from a life of misery and endless debt and SAVE YOURSELF from the never ending handouts paying for their mistakes.

    Be a good parent and prepare them NOW for a brighter future and financial security because they can't google their way out of debt, they'll keep coming back to you!

    Managing money can be tough, that's why the book Money Rules! is packed full with actionable tips helping to really understand and grasp the principles of personal finance.

    224 Action Packed Pages plus hours of online bonus material

    Especially now the future looks so uncertain due to COVID-19, you need to be more financially savvy than ever before.

    Money Rules! offers a practical 4-week plan to help deal with some of the biggest challenges faced every day.

    Take a 'Look Inside' to see what this amazing book explains about dealing with money. Probably the best investment you will ever make and all that for the price of a pizza!

    The bestseller author Paul McQueen shares his financial wisdom with a straightforward game plan for tackling personal finances.

    Surprise your loved ones with a book that will change their lives!

    If you think your kids will be happier with more money in the bank, you’re absolutely right.

    So, what’s the plan?

    Money Rules!
    Delivers That Plan

    Week 1: See where the money goes by gathering and tracking financial information. Do a financial health check.

    Week 2: Take control of spending making debt more manageable.

    Week 3: Actively improve your credit score for cheaper loans. Plan ahead using the money planners which are FREE to download.

    Week 4: Learn ways to maximise your earnings that suit your particular situation. Make money work for you.

    Paul McQueen's easy 4-week plan will show how to get finances in order on the road to living a Hotlifestyle.

    The principles of personal finance are not taught anywhere, so owning a reference book like Money Rules! really helps when dealing with financial issues, avoiding mistakes and saving money.

    Written from a UK perspective.

    Available From

    USA Version

    The same book written from a US perspective.

    What is a Hotlifestyle?

    Create a real competitive edge for a healthier, happier, richer you.

    Most people in debt
    thought financial education
    was irrelevant when taking credit.

    Now, deep in uncontrollable debt,
    they wish they'd sort advice.


    Paul McQueen

    ISBN 9781916496934 | 916496934

    About The Author

    If you want to look like this at 60 - Read the book "Essential Basics"

    Paul McQueen, a successful entrepreneur who has lived to work most of his life until he discovered work life balance. Paul has a wealth of experience in simplifying the art and science of being successful that he wants to share. He wants to show people new perspectives, help develop new life skills, broaden their horizons, try something new and live a balanced way of life. He believes in working hard and playing harder, so squeezing the most out of your free time is really important. Having lived and worked in Zurich, Munich, London he leads an amazing interesting fruitful life with no barriers. What better person to explain the basis of living a Hotlifestyle than someone who is actually living it.

    Other books from Paul McQueen

    Published by Graystone LA The Tanner Business Centre, Chew Valley Road, Oldham OL3 7NH, United Kingdom

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