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    WINNING MINDSET 4 – Study The Market

    After you have identifed your passion or at least a potential passion area, the next step is to study the market in relationship to your passion.

    Try to answer these questions when you study the market

    1. Are there typical career options in this field?
    2. What does each option entail? Are there specific requirements to enter into this field? What is the criteria for success?
    3. Look beyond standard career paths. Who are the people thriving in this field? What exactly do they do? Why are they so successful?
    4. Is there anything you like that they’re doing, that you would like to emulate in your own path? What is it and why?

    hot lifestyleWhat if you don’t know anyone in this field? Well, with social media and internet groups, you can get lots of information without knowing anyone… yet.

    • Research online. There are many peers with an online presence, so you can easily search blogs to read up. Be sure to read from different sources so that you get different perspectives.
    • Meet up with people who have been living and breathing the subject your are intersted in. Not people who are just talking about it, but people who are out there actually doing it.
    • Study world experts. You want to get both a global and local view of the industry. Who are the most renowned people in in your chosen sector today? Why are they so successful? What exactly do they do? Study their bios, interviews etc. to learn from them.

    As you research, take note of what you like and dislike. Understand what works for you and what doesn’t work in this field. This information will be crucial as you craft your passion plan in Step 5. Adapt your passion to serve the market.

    Watch Out

    During your research, you may come to the conclusion that what you thought was your passion isn’t actually your passion after all. So if you realise that, don’t worry. It’s all part of the learning curve. Simply return to Step 1 and explore a new passion area. It is not always easy to discover your ideal path.

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