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    10 Valuable Lessons From The Master

    Are you driven by a burning desire for greatness, wanting something different, something better, something bigger in your life. The first steps on a journey to success are not easy. These 10 inspirational life lessons from inspirational Life Coach Anthony Robbins may just help shape your future.

    1. Commit to C.A.N.I. – Constant And Never-Ending Improvement

    Tony encourages focusing on personal/professional development, to constantly seek improvement in order to grow as individuals. As we grow, we are encouraged and motivated to constantly volunteer our full potential which leads us to great success.

    2. Selfless Passion Is One Of The Most Noble Aspects Of The Human Spirit

    A sense of selfless passion and progress comes from having life being not just about you, but about others too. Doing something that makes you feel connected to other people besides yourself, but something that inspires you. This growth and sense of contribution fills a deep spiritual need that we all have, and we all need to feed that spiritual need.

    3. Change Your Life By Changing Your Story

    Antony RobbinsYour past does not define who you are or what you’re destined for. Most of the time, we unconsciously tell stories to ourselves and to others such as, how you describe yourself, how you deal with other individuals on a day to day basis, how you carry yourself, how you think and the decisions you make.

    These are all stories that we have the ability to define. You might not be able to change the events and circumstances that happen in your life, but you can certainly choose the meaning of them, so create a positive meaning for yourself.

    4. It’s Your Decisions, Not Your Conditions, Which Shape Your Life

    Each decision we make leads us to a destination in our lives. There are three decisions we’re always making consciously or subconsciously:

    What am I going to focus on?
    What is my motive for action?
    What is it in my life that drives me today and what am I going to do about it?

    These decisions, once made help us contribute more to our lives and the lives around us.

    5. The Quality Of Your Life Is The Quality Of Your Relationships

    Our emotions help us learn not only to understand ourselves, but to also understand other people and to learn to appreciate these people. We are able to create some powerful connections and build meaningful and lasting relationships that will impact and contribute positively back into our lives.

    6. Thrive Don’t Just Survive

    It’s important to look at what shapes our ability to contribute – our ability to do something beyond ourselves. Tony refers to two master lessons in his coaching materials: the science of achievement (how you take the invisible and make it visible) and the lesson that is rarely mastered – the art of fulfilment, appreciation and contribution.

    Once we are able to master these master lessons, we will thrive in our efforts, contribute more into our own lives and the lives of those around us.

    7. Setting Goals To Turn The Invisible Into The Visible

    As we learn to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them, we move forward step by step, little by little, in a continuous motion. The important factor to setting goals and achieving them is that we need to keep moving. Placing ourselves into states that help us build habits that encourage us on a daily basis to do more and want more for ourselves.

    8. Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

    What we focus on and pay more attention to in our lives grows. If you are focused on how to add value to your work, you’ll consistently find ways to add more value into the organisation. If you’re focused on excuses for why you can’t achieve certain things, you’ll empower that limiting belief more and more.

    9. The Path to Success is To Take Massive, Determined Action

    Our Knowledge is power, but it is our actions that produce results. Start with something simple and build momentum. If we’re smart but don’t take action, we can end up smart and broke, smart and fat, or smart and alone.  We need to take consistent actions to improve our results. It’s not enough to know what to do, you need to do what you know. Throw massive action at your problems.

    Antony Robbins10. Fake It 'Till You Make It

    “Begin to live as though your prayers are already answered”
    Tony Robbins

    What you consistently speak with emotional intensity, you will experience, you will create, and you will become. The words that you speak with emotional conviction become the life you live – this is your heaven or this is your hell.

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