Can A Womanizer Change Your Life?

    Womanizer is designed for sensual clitoral stimulation. It is without doubt the biggest innovation for sheet-grasping orgasms since the Rampant Rabbit vibrator appeared more than a decade ago. Womanizer is not a vibrator though and don't be fooled by the innocent appearance of this toy. Unlike anything you may have come across before, the Womanizer delivers a strong yet gentle, indirect clitoral stimulationan for an absolutely new sensational orgasm.

    This touch-free fun toy requires no direct clitoral contact whatsoever – it stimulates your clitoris using pulsating pressure waves with a light suction sensation for a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t soon forget. It's the combination of powerful pulsing together with a sucking sensation that leads to an experience of pleasure that is unique, extremely satisfying and yet not overpowering.

    No more fumbling with your guy to try to find the right spot, no more uncomfortable vibrators that don’t feel quite right.

    Not satisfied by just one measly orgasm?

    The Womanizer will keep you coming until you’re ready to get back to your series session. Sexual wellbeing is an important facet of an overall healthy Hotlifestyle.

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    The Satisfyer Pro 2

    The Satisfyer Pro 2 available from Amazon (Click on Image) works on the principle of pulsing waves focused on to the clitoris for a truly unique sensation. The power to enjoy intense and multiple orgasms in the palm of your hand. With innovative vacuum technology, this toy offers a unique feeling that can be focused around and on the clitoris. It's also completely waterproof and can feel even more intense when used under water. The ergonomic toy fits comfortably in the hand so it can easily be positioned over the clitoris, for maximum pleasure. The silicone nozzle can be removed for easy cleaning. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is rechargeable, with a USB charger that connects to the toy magnetically.


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