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    Anyone Else Think it’s a Hoax?

    COVID Party in Nice France

    Throngs of people gathering in large groups as lockdown is eased across Britain is completely insane. Everybody knows they can be “asymptomatic”, showing no signs but carrying and spreading the disease. It is shocking what little regard some have for other people’s lives.
    You would think lessons might have been learnt from recent spikes of COVID-19 in the USA boasting over 50.000 new cases day after day.

    For Some, There was Never Any Lockdown!

    Lockdown in the UK began 30 March 2020 as the most contagious viral infection pandemic ever seen takes hold. This is a full seven days later than Germany, and the blame game begins. Reports from the Guardian newspaper and the BBC stating that 20.000 lives could have been saved if only Boris had implemented lockdown a week earlier simply don't hold water, as most new cases occur after lockdown had started.

    The Statistics Tell the Story

    Looking at the graphs below showing new cases of COVID-19 in Germany and Britain, you can see that the curve flattens much later in the UK. According to the graph, two weeks into lockdown, the UK is averaging 5.000+ new cases every day. The reason for this is simple, some people in the UK decided – LOCKDOWN IS NOT FOR ME. Many ignored the rules and went out infecting others, some of whom were hospitalised while others died. Weeks into lockdown and some people refused to take the virus seriously paying the price.

    23. March - German cases on day of lock-down 4.062

    30. March - UK cases on the day of lock-down 2.665

    The UK had less cases than Germany at the time of lock-down.
    What went wrong?

    Germany began lockdown a week earlier but had twice as many cases to show than the UK on the day of lockdown. The German population generally showed discipline and obeyed the rules of social distancing. The British public on the other hand had some people deciding to ignore lockdown advice, creating several spikes with most new cases happening post-lockdown. Both countries peek at around 6000 new cases per day but Germany shows a much quicker decline.

    The number of UK cases spike dramatically several times during lockdown and can be directly attributed to events where people decided “Oh it’s only me, I feel fine” attitude. I can remember calling my Mother on the 14 March talking about COVID-19 being the reason people shouldn’t visit their Mother. Millions ignored the warnings creating massive outbreaks in care homes across the country.

    The Attitude “Oh it’s Only Me” is partly to blame

    There is an attitude of “Oh it’s only me and I feel fine”, I’ll just pop over and give my Mother a hug on Mother’s Day”. How many people have murdered their own relatives through these actions?

    Oh it’s only me and a few friends going to a demo in Leicester, as 4.000 others join in, causing the City to become the UK's first full “local” lockdown. More cities will follow you can bet.

    How stupid can people be when all the information is out there on how this disease is transmitted and how highly contagious it is? The result of this selfish behaviour is clear; instead of getting rid of this within 5 months, COVID-19 will be with us for the next two to three years. Many more will die and the economy will take a massive hit. Jobs will be lost as whole industries disappear and poverty will reach an all-time high.

    You Know Who You Are!

    So, for all of you who thought that social distancing wasn’t for them. For the thousands who attended demonstrations, rave parties and a day at the beech. The throngs of people who simply had to give their mother a hug on Mother’s Day. The millions that have filled the pubs last weekend.

                   Well done everybody!

    As for our fantastic NHS medical staff who you cheered as heroes, who already suffer from depression and anxiety from facing exceptional stressful working conditions every day of this pandemic, who will end up looking after a percentage of those mentioned above. Remember to say I’m sorry and be thankful that you’re not getting the bill.

    Finally, for those who attended demonstrations and are unfortunate enough to die from COVID-19 in the coming weeks, let this be your last thought. Thank goodness, that black lives matter.

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