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    Smart Mirror Tells You The “Naked Truth”

    Mirror Mirror on the wall tell me the naked truth

    A new US innovation using 3D scanning technology to track your shape, measurements, body fat percent and weight showing you exactly how far you are on your fitness journey. How long will it be before we see these in every gym in the UK.

    The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is a full-length 3D scanning mirror with a scale that spins users around 360-degrees collecting data for 'the naked truth' - a personalised 3D body model.
    Smart Mirror Tells You The


    Step on the scale, which doubles as a turntable, to activate the scanner.

    It then revolves 360 degrees, to create a complete 3D body scan.

    The information is wirelessly sent to the accompanying app which then tells you 'the naked truth'.

    Users can see an accurate 3D body model on the screen of their smartphone or tablet, which gives a deeper insight about their health and fitness goals.

    The Company has also implemented heat map technology in the app, this shows changes in the body over days, weeks and months.

    Different colours are used to highlight significant changes, so you can actually see areas where you have lost weight, gained muscle or vice versa. Although scales can tell you how much you weigh, they don't always reflect the changes your body is going through. The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker does comSmart Mirror Tells You The "Naked Truth"e with a scale, but this is not the focus of the platform.

    "It does measure weight to capture accurate body fat percentage because we need weight to do that. But we want to actually keep people away from weight - we believe health is more than just weight."

    The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is only available in the US from the Company's website costing $499 plus delivery. They are expected to be available around March 2017 and we are sure it will be a hit in the UK.

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