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    What is a Navy-Blue Blazer Really Good For?

    Almost everything — we can’t think of a more versatile piece than the iconic navy-blue blazer. It’ll have you looking great in any climate, on any occasion, and any combination of the two. From your first date to a board meeting to the last night of the proms... The video above gives you four great combinations to get you started.

    When you own a navy-blue blazer, you'll be surprised at how often you choose to wear it and how many compliments you receive. Own one for no other reason than to have something in your arsenal that covers all the bases from casual to formal events. The possibilities of what to combine with a navy-blue blazer are endless. It is perhaps the best addition a man can make to his wardrobe, as it doubles the available outfits available to you. A blazer will serve nobly in a wide range of situations, and it will not go out of style in your lifetime.

    The navy-blue blazer is perfect for those events where slightly more casual (smart casual) attire than a suit is required. But make no mistake, even when the dress code requires less, you should still look sharp. A collared shirt with a pair of grey flannel trousers is a good starting-off point, and depending on the event, you could even go for denim. If you decide to wear denim, you should opt for no tie to make it less “casual”. Alternatively, pair your blazer with khakis to take the formality down a notch. Do away with sneakers and stick to loafers or lace-up brogues to punctuate your look.

    What's the difference between a sport jacket and a blazer?

    There are characteristics and qualities that are exclusive to each, though it’s common to use the terms interchangeably. Some things to look for in a classic sport jacket are the use of weightier fabrics (tweed, corduroy, wool, cashmere) and flapped pockets. Blazers on the other hand tend to be a more ridged design, typically offered in cotton, lightweight wools and silk. Blazer pockets don’t necessarily have flaps and tend to skew towards the casual. We recommend focusing less on what you call it and more on how you wear it.

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