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    If you practice priming regularly, you’ll experience an incredible shift in the quality of your thoughts and emotions. But don’t take our word for it – give it a try yourself.

    1. Prepare to do 3 sets of 30 breaths with arm raises to begin.

    2. Start immediately with a “Breath of Fire” type of technique that is often used in Kundalini Yoga. You will get sensations if tingling and peace.

    3. Put your hands on your heart and breathe deeply into your stomach. Have gratitude for you being alive and for having your heart do the work for you to stay alive.

    4. Three “emotional flood” exercises of gratitude and appreciation. It is impossible to be in a state of gratitude and also in a fearful or angry state, which is where many people live.

    5 Appreciate the coincidences that happen. Fill up with the gratitude that life can be happening FOR you, instead of TO you.

    6. Step 2: imagine an energy flooding you and filling you with hope, healing and positive energy.

    7. Send that positive energy out there to those you love, and fill them with it.

    8. Think about the three goals that you want to achieve and envision that you are IN those scenes in your head. Feel the achievement and joy of those dreams/goals already being a reality.

    9. Concluding statements!


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