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    5 Yoga Moves Just Before Bedtime

    Here is a yoga program which is ideal to help you fall asleep. Yoga moves to supplement your regular yoga practice during the week Our Tip: "Like in a Hollywood movie, underscore the mood with the right music."

    Correct Breathing

    Use these three mental images to help you control your breathing during the exercises flowing softly. Practice the three steps first in succession, then connect it to a gentle airflow. This applies to all breathing exercises.

    A flower breathing: Breathe gently and only through the nose - as if you are breathing against a delicate flower.

    The sea breathe: Let the breath in the throat making a sound like the sea. Quiet and barely audible. Draw respiratory phases in the length, as if you are by the sea and breathe the air deeply.

    Breathe a sentence: and also emphasize the exhalation, like a long sentence, you are talking to the end. Inhalation can be done passively, then exhale slowly and precisely.

     Supported Butterfly Pose

    5_yoga_poses1Using a small pillow for your head. place the soles of your feet together and drop the knees gently apart. Rest the upper body backward.
    Posture: Placing your hands on the abdomen, close your eyes. The bed supports the upper body, and the head is slightly elevated - this position facilitates deep breathing. Let your weight sink completely into the matress and let go.

    Duration: at least five minutes.
    Breathing: Do not force it but let it happen naturally.
    Should you experience pain in the groin, then support the knees with two pillows.

     Happy Baby Pose

    Happy Baby yoga PoseLift your legs over the body with knees bent about shoulder width. With the hands take hold of the outside of your feet and soles pointing towards the ceiling.

    Posture: Exhale and pull your knees towards the armpits. Shoulders relax and let the tailbone sink to the matress. Find the intensity level at which you feel comfortable.
    Duration: at least ten breaths.
    Breathing: Deep breaths letting go more and more when exhaling.
    Too strenuous? Place a pillow under your head.

     Bridge Pose

    Bridge Yoga PoseDraw your feet in to the buttocks, toes pointing straight forward. On inhalation press feet into the matress and lifting the pelvis.

    Posture: Knees up and the arms spread to support you. Finally lift your heals and rock your pelvis from side to side
    Duration: At least ten breaths, then repeat on the opposite side.
    Breathing: Breathe freely

     Twisting Pose

    Twisting Yoga PoseOn your side, pull both knees with arms to your chest and hold for a few breaths. Here nestle the lower back to the floor, let the shoulders and neck loosely. Then put your arms to the sides.

    Posture: Exhale and place legs at right angles to the upper body turn to the left turning your head to the right.
    Duration: at least three minutes.
    Breathing: With each inhalation widen the ribs. With each exhalation let your shoulders fall more into the matress.

      Eye of the Needle    

    Eye of the Needle Yoga PoseOn your back pull the left leg up and put the right foot on the left thigh. With both hands, take the left shin and hold.

    Posture: On exhalation raise the left knee to your chest, keeping lower back and shoulders relaxed on the floor.
    Duration: At least ten breaths, then switch sides.
    Breathing: Deep and slow.

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