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Weighted Blanket with Cover

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Fabric Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket – 100% Organic Cotton Jersey Knit

Fabric Cover

Oeko-TEX 300T Premium Cotton one Side and ultra-soft Micro-Plush the other.

Colour Weighted Blanket

Heather Green

Colour Cover

Cotton Side – Mint Green; Micro-Plush Side – Dark Gery

Quilted Cover to Protect Your Weighted Blanket

Our specially made reversible cover has a dark grey soft quilted Micro-Plush side to warm you up. The mint green premium 300T cotton side is cooling and welcoming.

It’s the perfect addition to complement your Hotlifestyle® luxury weighted blanket. With 8 ties inside to secure any weighted blanket, it can also be used with any other weighted blanket that is 152 x 203cm. A zip opening on the side of the cover keeps the blanket secure inside.

Our Blankets for a Better Night’s Sleep

Our luxury personal weighted blanket makes it easy for you to fall asleep naturally waking up refreshed and rested, ready to conquer your day! Expertly designed and styled in Germany.

Acting like a comforting hug, wrap yourself in a reassuring embrace whenever you need one. Weighted blankets are known to reduce stress hormones by 30% and increase happiness hormones by 30%

Super-Soft Knitted Cotton Jersey

Hotlifestyle® weighted blankets outer layer is made from a high-quality, super soft ultra-breathable knitted Cotton Jersey. It’s OEKO-TEX certified and offers ultimate gentleness and warmth. A natural way to help calm your body and mind for a restful nights’ sleep.

7 Ultra-Plush Layers

Designed using our 7 multi-layer process with quality in mind: two layers of 100% organic ultra-breathable Cotton Jersey, 4 layers of microfiber add stability and ensure there’s no leakage of the hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odourless glass beads.

Advanced Sewing Technology

The smaller 8cm quilted pattern holds the glass beads snugly in place, so you never have to worry about the weight bunching or pooling.

Heather Green for Serenity

The soft Heather Green colour promotes calmness, comfort, and hope.

Travel Bag Included

The weighted blanket comes with a cotton packing bag for easy storage or traveling.

Please Note – anyone suffering from a medical condition, or is pregnant, should seek medical advice before using a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets should be smaller than your ordinary duvet as they’re designed to focus the weight on you without hanging over the side of the bed (which would make it even heavier). It should be smaller than your mattress to help concentrate the right amount of weight on your body. They’re designed to fit on top of the mattress only, with minimal to no overhang for optimal effect.

A weighted blanket can also be used for pressure therapy over specific body parts like shoulders or knees. Wrap yourself up in it to relax and unwind before bedtime. Meditation using the Hotlifestyle weighted blanket can give you a deeper relaxing experience.

Some people need time, to get used to how a weighted blanket feels. If you’re new to this, start by wrapping yourself in the blanket while sitting on the sofa for 20 minutes before bedtime. As you get used to the feeling, gradually increase the amount of time before sleeping under it.

The General Rule

Body Weight  8-13 st  |   50-80 kg  >>   7 kg blanket.
Body Weight 13-17 st | 80-110 kg  >>   9 kg blanket.
Body Weight   17+ st  |    110+ kg  >> 11 kg blanket.

If your body weight falls equally between two blanket weights, it’s best to choose the lighter option.

Remember that if you buy the duvet cover with it, this will add extra weight to your blanket. Adding a cover will increase the weight of the blanket.

Different people have different needs

Some people who have serious sleep disorders or suffer significant anxiety issues, have found that heavier blankets of around 15% – 20% of their body weight work better.

It’s quite common for some women to experience sleep problems during pregnancy. The Hotlifestyle® weighted blanket is ideal for promoting a better night’s sleep whilst pregnant, whether at the beginning of your pregnancy or towards the end. Do consult with a medical practitioner first.

Hotlifestyle® weighted blankets can be used by anyone, on condition the weight has been chosen correctly and they are able to remove the weighted blanket by themselves.

We hope you enjoy our new design!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Are you using glass or plastic beads?

We only use eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odourless glass pearls.

What is the pocket size?

Unlike other blankets we chose a smaller 8cm square pocket. This ensures the blanket maintains an even weight distribution no matter how much it’s tossed around.

The blanket seems too small to hang over the bed properly.

The weighted blanket is designed to fit on the mattrass with no overhang which would change how the weight is distributed.

Do I have to buy a duvet cover?

No you don’t, but we recommend you use a sheet between you and the blanket to help protect it.

Easy Care

We recommend that you hand wash your weighted blanket or if machine wash, cold at a maximum of 40 degrees on a gentle cycle setting, choosing a bleach-free, gentle detergent.

Avoid fabric softeners.

After a hand wash remove the weighted blanket from the water container to drain it. Take some time to carefully squeeze any excess water out of your blanket and don’t wring it.

For air-drying a weighted blanket, remember to dry it horizontally and occasionally to shake or flip it.

If using tumble dryer, choose a light or medium dryer setting and periodically fluff the blanket while it’s drying to redistribute the fillers.

It can take up to 24 hours for your weighted blanket to dry depending on weather conditions.

Don’t dry clean, don’t bleach or iron.

 Cover Care Guide

Hotlifestyle® covers are machine washable at a maximum of 40 degrees on a gentle cycle. Use a small amount of gentle laundry detergent and skip the fabric softener.

After washing your cover, you can tumble dry it in a dryer on a low, cool setting.

Do not expose to the sun for long periods.

Don’t use bleach!

Don’t dry clean!

Iron only the cotton side!

We are a British team, based in Germany who have been developing wellness products for over a decade. We have designed a weighted blanket that looks and feels fantastic, durable enough to use in clinics or treatment facilities with an emphasis on eco-friendly production.

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