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Double Sided Cover

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Weight1,2 kg
Dimensions152 × 203 cm

Oeko-TEX 300T Premium Cotton / Quilted Ultra-Soft Micro-Plush


Plush side – Dark Grey / Cotton Side – Mint Green

Our specially made reversible cover has a dark grey soft quilted Micro-Plush side to warm you up. The mint green premium 300T cotton side is cooling and welcoming.

Adding a cover will increase the weight of the blanket.

It’s the perfect addition to complement your Hotlifestyle® luxury weighted blanket. With 8 ties inside to secure any weighted blanket, it can also be used with any other weighted blanket that is 152 x 203cm. A zip opening on the side of the cover keeps the blanket secure inside.

Our double-sided cover will keep your weighted blanket protected. Remember, it gets exposed to much of the same dirt and grime as your sheets and pillowcases. We recommend washing the removable weighted blanket cover as regularly as you would wash other bedding. Wash separately and ideally every one to two weeks.

For cotton and micro-plush fabric, it’s important to wash at the correct temperature, to ensure the colours don’t fade. We recommend machine wash at a maximum 40° C gentle cycle. Use a small amount of gentle laundry detergent and skip the fabric softener

After washing your cover, you can tumble dry it in a dryer on a low, cool setting.

Don’t use bleach!

Don’t dry clean!

Do not expose to the sun for long periods.

Iron only the cotton side!

Hotlifestyle® durable covers are engineered from the sturdiest of materials to ensure long lasting comfort – Enjoy our 365 Days Money Back Guarantee should the material develop a fault during normal use.

We are a British team, based in Germany who have been developing wellness products for over a decade. We have designed a weighted blanket that looks and feels fantastic, durable enough to use in clinics or treatment facilities with an emphasis on eco-friendly production.

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