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    A day doesn’t go by when we are not bombarded with the news of people infected or dying from some uncontrollably contagious virus (It won’t be the last). But what can we do about it? How do we survive sitting isolated in the house waiting to become the next statistic? We can behave reckless and indulge in a Corona Party, visit friends and family… Yeh, you wish. This kind of cocky behavior brought us in the position we’re in today. We ignored what we were supposed to do, thinking we knew better and some of those aren’t with us anymore because of it.

    Josh Brolin 52, explained in an apology video why he broke social distancing rules after he visited his father James Brolin and stepmom Barbra Streisand over the weekend.

    If you don’t take care of yourself,
    you won’t be able to take care of others

    In most of the world, cafe’s, bars, gyms, restaurants, leisure facilities have been forced to close and people have been told ‘with no exemptions’, including the rich and famous that they can only leave the house if they are an essential worker, need to get food or medicine or for one daily form of exercise.

    Some celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher decided to cheer us up and update their fans with self-isolation ideas announcing their latest project: Quarantine Wine in order to help people in need. Well done!

    As British Prime Minister Boris Johnson once said after the Covid19 broke out: ”We are at war”. Yes we are, only this time we know nothing about our enemy. Six months later since Coronavirus became part of our lives, we still don’t know how it spreads, if we can become immune against it, how long it lives on surfaces and which ones stay contagious the longest, there is no cure, no vaccine…

    So, take precautions and learn how to protect yourself in order to protect and take care of the people around you, your family, your friends, and people who are out there saving lives…

    We only have one life, let’s use it wisely.

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