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    Looking for work?  Hotlifestyle - Essential Basics can give you the competitive advantage in today's job market.

    Essential Basics


    How often have you been turned down? The job market is tough and the competition fierce, so give yourself a competitive advantage to greatly improve your chances of landing the job you want.

    Especially at job interviews, you only get one chance to get it right. First impressions count, but do you know that it's your behaviour in the first five minutes that will make or break any future relationship. Interacting with confidence will open doors, controlling your body language being aware of your posture propels you over the finishing line. Sleep, fitness and nutrition also contributes towards being in top form when it matters. Gaining that competitive edge in this fast paced world has its own rewards. More money, friends, independence and a better quality of life.

    Win More Often?

    Reading Hotlifestyle will prep you for those times in your life when you only have one chance to get it right. Change your life within weeks using the skills, knowledge and disciplines that will put you ahead of the rest, none of which is taught in schools.


    This book holds the key, helping you step out of the crowd in many situations but especially at times when you're meeting people for the first time; Job Interviews, Flirting, Negotiating a Wage Rise...

    For a healthier, happier, richer you. it's time to start living your Hotlifestyle.

    Start living the lifestyle that results in the best 'you' that you can be and make 2020 your year.

    Surprise your loved ones with a book that will change their lives!


    Get a handle on

    more respect from others
    interacting successfully
    1st impressions that count
    influencing others
    job interviews
    reading body language
    improved communications
    posture for more confidence
    reading facial expressions
    fitness levels & weight
    your emotions ...

    288 pages plus hours of online bonus material including videos

    There's a new world emerging, with opportunities just waiting for those with the confidence to take the initiative.

    Hotlifestyle - Essential Basics covers all the bases preparing you for a better paid job and a healthier, happier way of life. It's time for CHANGE gaining confidence for more success in your life.


    In the course of its 288 pages, McQueen offers practical advice about becoming mentally and physically stronger, dealing with some of the more common complaints holding you back from living, what he calls, a ‘Hotlifestyle’ (hence the book’s title). Anxiety, stress, fear of failure, and a lack of confidence are all addressed and supported by the latest scientific research and social studies.


    One step at a time, learn the principles to unstoppable confidence building the person you were meant to be, and all that for the price of a pizza!

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    What Do You Get?

    • Learn techniques to relax and stay calm.

    • Skills to deal better with others.

    • Become mentally and physically stronger.

    • Deal easily with common issues holding you back like anxiety, stress, coping with setbacks, self-confidence, fear of failure and self-doubt.

    • Improve the quality of your life.

    ISBN 9781916496903 | 1916496903

    About The Author

    If you want to look like this at 60 - Read the book!

    Paul McQueen, a successful entrepreneur who has lived to work most of his life until he discovered work life balance. Paul has a wealth of experience in simplifying the art and science of being successful that he wants to share. He wants to show people new perspectives, help develop new life skills, broaden their horizons, try something new and live a balanced way of life. He believes in working hard and playing harder, so squeezing the most out of your free time is really important. Having lived and worked in Zurich, Munich, London he leads an amazing interesting fruitful life with no barriers. What better person to explain the basis of living a Hotlifestyle than someone who is actually living it.

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