Broaden Your Horizons

Dear Bully, You're Fired!

This book offers a powerful new approach for dealing with the bully at work. An easy to follow four step plan to gain leverage, recognizing the criteria which makes their actions consequential. Decide which strategy to take, to secure the outcome that works best for you. Which one will it be - Softball - Hardball - Go Ninja

Essential Basics

Put yourself ahead of the competition in many situations but especially at times when you're meeting people for the first time; Job Interviews, Flirting, Negotiating a Wage Rise... Reap the rewards that gaining this knowledge can give you; more money, friends, independence for a healthier, happier, richer you. it's time to start living your Hotlifestyle

Money Rules!

A practical easy 4-week plan for tackling personal finances. Tried and tested ways to start winning at the money game!
224 Action Packed Pages + online bonus material
Money Rules! offers a practical 4-week plan to help deal with some of the biggest challenges faced every day. Written for the UK.

Everybody Loves Money

If you think, those with more money in the bank are happier, then you’re absolutely right. So, what’s the plan?
Everybody Loves Money Delivers That Plan
Managing money can be tough, that’s why the book Everybody Loves Money is packed full with actionable tips helping to really understand and grasp the principles of personal finance.

The Brexit Chronicles reveals a time when Britain was still a member of the EU. The treacherous behaviour of some MPs during the seven years leading up to Brexit is unprecedented in British history. The majority of MPs voted for “Remain” in the 2016 referendum. They then went on to frustrate the “Leave” process over a 3 year period believing they where being patriotic but in actual fact defying the very people who put them there.

Brexit Exposed - Seven Years of Hell!

It all begins with David Cameron’s bombshell speech 23 January 2013 announcing that Britain would hold an in–out referendum on EU membership. A saga lasting seven years polarizing a nation, which saw members of Parliament defy the electorate and the dramatic rise and demise of leaders. Get the unadulterated, unbiased facts about what really happened in the lead up to Brexit.