Guidelines for Articles

Hotlifestyle is a resource for everything related to better living, wellbeing, health, nutrition, self development, career and happiness. This is our premise and we strive to give our readers valuable insights into these topics. With that said, it’s important that all submissions contain information that our readers can relate to.
Please Note: If your article does not follow the editorial rules below, it will most likely not get published.


Tone: Friendly, positive, fun, upbeat. Slang or informal vocabulary is okay.
Audience: The majority of our readers are into yoga, tennis and healthy living.
Sources: If you take substantial parts of information or images from third party sources, please refer to those sources at the end of your article.
Images: Images are always great if you have them!  Otherwise, we will choose our own.
Links: If you are just trying to get a link from us and/or send us a keyword-stuffed sales pitch about your business or product, this is considered a sponsored post.

What we Publish

Content that is edited with proper spelling, no typos, correct grammar and ready to be published. Be number one. ‘Top’ Lists and enumerated posts always do well, ie “10 Ways Yoga Has Changed My Life”, “Top 10 Songs To Pump You Up”, “10 benefits of headstands”.
Facts, information, backgrounds, interviews
Expert knowledge sharing, expert opinions
Valuable personal insights
Motivation, encouragement, humor
Recipes, instructions, descriptions
News, current happenings, viral stuff

What we don’t Publish

Articles that have been or will be published on other websites. Overly self-centered personal blog-style articles. Promotional articles, self-marketing or biased product reviews.

Article Structure Tips


General Structure

Title: Clear and engaging. The title must clearly reflect the content of the article.
Subheadings: Add subheadings to your paragraphs to guide the reader through your article.
Article length: Typically between 300 – 1000 words.


Clearly lay out the objectives of the article.
Suggest a solution or insight.


Emphasis on clearly stating your case.
Structured into paragraphs that each talk about a specific aspect.
Add relevant subheadings to paragraphs.
Numbered lists are encouraged to strengthen your case.