Life Skills

     Competence Builds Confidence    

    Life Skills are a set of abilities which help you get the most out of life. Life skills are about empowering you to improve the quality of life, promoting positive behavior helping you deal effectively with everyday challenges. People obtain various professional qualifications, however other important attributes for personal development are usually assumed namely; personal, relational and leadership skills. Life skills help you translate acquired knowledge, attitudes and values into positive behavior. They are NOT things like how to repair a shoe, knowing how to brush your teeth or knowing how to read and write. Our writers know their onions and want to share with you their experience and lifehacks concerning this exciting subject. You will be better informed about this life changing subject from people who care.

     Life Skills Covered     

    Negotiating skills
    Goal setting

    Coping with stress
    Coping with emotions
    Interpersonal relationships
    Empathy (concern for others)
    Creative thinking
    Ability to resist peer pressure

    Different life skills will be more prelevalent at different times of your life. They help you to accomplish your ambitions, live a positive and healthy life and are a key factor towards a hotlifestyle.

     Life Skills for Self Development    

    Communication life skills

    • Ability to protect yourself and promote your interests,
    • The capacity to communicate effectively with others.
    • How to negotiate, as well as listening to others.
    • How to say no and be assertive.

    Relationship life skills

    • Healthy relationships with peers and other adults.
    • The ability to resist peer pressure.

    Skills to cope with stress and emotions

    • Coping with feelings of anger, grief and anxiety.
    • Stress management and time management.
    • Positive thinking and relaxation techniques.

    Problem solving skills

    • Identify and find solutions to difficult and challenging situations.

    Creative thinking skills

    • Devising different ways of dealing with situations.
    • Finding more than one way to solve a problem.

     Learning For Fun     

    All the above deals with self development whereby tools like NLP and the concepts of Emotional Intelligence can be employed. We also believe that Learning for Fun is an important factor leading to a more satisfying hotlifestyle. This would include obtaining a license to pilot a plane or a yacht, scuba diving or horse riding.

    The best investment you will ever make is in yourself

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