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    Anchoring is the process of learning, it’s how two things get linked together in our neurology. With it you can break problematic patterns or trigger off a resourceful state when you need it. When you self-anchor, you create a reminder in your nervous system, that says when I do this, do that. It allows you to evoke a desired resource state on cue. To teach your brain to chunk ‘this’ signal with ‘that’ response.

    For example it’s like saying; “Brain when I ‘karate chop’ my right hand into my left palm then call up a strong state of confidence and let that emotion flood through my body.” Repeat the self-anchoring process a few times and BAM it’s ready to roll for you.

    Further when you are good at doing this for yourself, it’s easy to anchor others, steel other people’s anchors and become a person of influence even with people you’ve just met.

    Self-anchoring gives you the chance to quickly train and retrain your mind-body to start doing more of the states you want. To access more of the resources you want.

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