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    The Future for Health and Wellbeing


    The Community Marketplace for a Healthier, Happier, Richer Life

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    Amazon has become a saturated marketplace focused on selling cheap goods from China. This has created opportunities for players like Zalando (clothing), Ankorstore (wholesale), Etsy (handcrafted goods), Artemest (Italian decor)… Who’s missing? Hotlifestyle (health & wellbeing).

    Millions of People Around the World Want to Improve Their Lives

    Leading VC’s all agree that ‘HealthTech’ is one of the fastest growing markets, as trends show that the desire to live a more active healthier lifestyle has gained prominence. Millions strive to Sleep Better, cope with Stress and Anxiety, deal with Incontinence, slow Hair Loss, tackle Menopause, manage their Weight… but struggle to overcome many of the challenges they face and seek solutions.

    Partner Sellers will Offer Solutions

    Hotlifestyle will partner with thousands of suppliers, offering them a dedicated marketplace for Health and Wellbeing Products and Services that help people live a better life. A new shopping experience making it easy to buy from curated suppliers. Helping those suppliers engage with their target audience as the Hotlifestyle name becomes synonymous with our core values.

    Innovative Products for Looking Good
    and Feeling Great

    Hotlifestyle talks to individuals who want to transform their lives and deal with the problems holding them back. We inform, entertain, and inspire action through the content we create ( and the commerce we drive. What unites our suppliers, is the belief that it takes more than inspiration alone to live the life you want. That’s why we will create a brand that moves our audience, motivating them to make better life choices that give them a real competitive edge. We will empower and guide people to deal with their problems and write the next chapter of their own success story.

    Our Mission

    Supporting peoples’ Physical Wellbeing,
    Mental Health and Personal Development

    We Solve Problems Helping People Become the Captain of their Lives

    An Investment in Happiness

    Funding in the region of €1mio is required as seed capital.
    We are looking for a lead investor to organise seed capital and one who understands the market in which we will operate.
    Are you ready to join us on our exciting journey?


    Hotlifestyle for a Healthier, Happier, Richer life

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