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    WINNING MINDSET 1 – Money vs. Passion

    When it comes to your job, what really matters the most? - Money or Passion? Many of us have to face this dilemma at some point in our lives, so let's take a look at both scenario's.

    While some people may rationalise that having any job, even if they hate it is better than having no job at all (which is true), but in the long term they’ll be unhappy from doing something they hate day in and day out. While others may rationalise that they’d rather pursue a passion regardless of the wage than do a job they hate doing but pays lots of money (which is ok for people with little financial responsibilities). In the long run though following the second stragagy, they’ll find themselves more restricted in how they can live their life and how they can pursue their goals. People start off happy and excited, but are clueless as to what’s about to hit them.


    What can you do? Both options have pros and cons. While one scenario might fulfil us emotionally, the other scenario fulfils us on a material level, but not emotionally. How about a third option, that can meet all our needs? How can we achieve that?

    Money or passion for a hotlifestyle

    Don’t Limit Yourself

    Don’t limit yourself by what you see in this world. And don’t limit yourself by what people around you say or think. You are an individual with your own unique set of needs. The real world is only going to have opportunities that reflect others’ needs and can meet your needs in a certain manner.

    Your needs can only ever be fully met
    by creating your own opportunities!

    Your options are only as limited as you let them be
    . If you feel your passion is less than lucrative than your day job, it's because you define it to be that way. If your passion is not a viable full time career, it is because you choose it to be so. If your passion cannot meet your material needs, it is because you think it to be so. Let the visionary extraordinaire hidden inside of you emerge and go wild. Deep down, there is a side of you hidden that you have not unleashed yet – the side who is fully capable of creating your vision and ideal that of what you want to achieve.

    Be Aware of Your Needs

    Start off by becoming aware of ALL your needs. While it's often common to only think of passion and money, we actually have needs beyond those two points. There are 4 key aspects to consider as human beings namely: Mind, Heart, Body and Soul. Each of these aspects, have their own set of needs that have to be met in order for us to live a really hotlifestyle.

    Try this exercise, and ask yourself these questions:

    • Mind: What are your mental needs? This includes the need for learning and growing, practicing creativity or to stimulate your thinking etc.
    • Body: What are your physical needs? What do you need to do to keep your body healthy and in top condition? This includes exercise and diet.
    • Heart: What is your passion? What gets you up in the morning motivating you in life every day, without fail?
      What are your love and belongingness needs? This includes relationships. What are your esteem needs? Examples include desire for achievement, respect from others, self-esteem, and so on.
    • Soul: What are your spiritual needs? What level of spiritual awareness do you wish to attain? What are your conscience needs, this could be reflected in your obligations and responsibilities to your parents, family, society, country etc.

    money or passion for a hotlifestyleFor your answers:

    1. Be honest, don’t write down what others might feel or need if it's not a need for you alone.
    2. Write only your absolute needs. These are the make or break factors which let you lead a really hotlifestyle. If earning £100,000 or just £1,000 a month is what you need to make you 100% happy, then write it down.
    3. Don’t restrict yourself with your situation in life. Don’t worry about whether something is possible, realistic or logical. Just imagine this as your anything-goes menu where you can order anything you want from the universe.

    Just doing this exercise, you have put more thought into where you are going than most people on the planet.

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