Everybody Loves Money

How well are you managing your money?

Take back control, keep a grasp on your hard-earned cash and start working towards financial independence for more freedom.

Managing money can be tough, that’s why these 224 pages are packed with practical, actionable tips to lift your personal finances up to the next level. Lifehacker Paul McQueen sets a straightforward game plan for tackling your finances. Simply put, it’s time to start winning at the money game.

Hotlifestyle – Everybody Loves Money is an eye-opening look at some of the biggest challenges we must face every day. It explains the mechanics and pitfalls encountered in the process of taking a loan. Paul McQueen discusses dealing with rent arrears and late payment to avoid foreclosure which could even lead to bankruptcy. Creating good financial habits will benefit you enormously in your pursuit for a Hotlifestyle. Becoming debt free is not the ultimate goal when you understand how saving and investing will propel your life to a whole new level.

What is a Hotlifestyle?

It’s creating a real competitive advantage in your life for a healthier, happier, richer you.

  • Eliminate debt and create wealth.

  • Become financially savvy putting more money in your pocket.

  • Gain the knowledge and skills for a real competitive advantage.

ISBN 9781916496934| 916496934

About The Author

Paul McQueen, a successful entrepreneur who has lived to work most of his life until he discovered work life balance. Paul has a wealth of experience in simplifying the art and science of being successful that he wants to share. He wants to show people new perspectives, help develop new life skills, broaden their horizons, try something new and live a balanced way of life. He believes in working hard and playing harder, so squeezing the most out of your free time is really important. Having lived and worked in Zurich, Munich, London he leads an amazing interesting fruitful life with no barriers. What better person to explain the basis of living a Hotlifestyle than someone who is actually living it.

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